Ravi is an IT apprentice with Concero, a managed service provider of IT services for schools in Wolverhampton. Ravi has Asperger’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and astigmatism in his eyes, making it hard for him to see without his glasses.

We are proud to say that Ravi was named IT Infrastructure and Networks Apprentice of the Year 2022 at the BCS IT Apprenticeship Awards

We asked him more about his apprenticeship:

What does your IT apprenticeship involve? 

 “We do lots of things that help schools succeed in terms of their technology, to ensure that it is working all of the time. I’m one of the Schools Transformation Team and I get to work on lots of projects, including the platform provisioning programme – a set of platforms using Office 365 to allow students to work with the teachers during lockdowns. I also work on Lansweeper, which is really, really good – bringing back device warranty information, potential purchase information about devices and whether those devices could have a fault in them. Finally, I manage our company’s phone system – Microsoft Business Voice – which allows us to be able to take greater control by managing who answers calls and that sort of thing.”

Can you do an IT apprenticeship with learning disabilities? 

“My Asperger’s syndrome is to do with me having friendships and that sort of thing, as I struggle to communicate with people.  My learning disabilities affect me on a day-to-day basis, So I usually get prompted or need extra support. This could be someone writing things down for me or giving me extra support to tell me what to do at a particular stage in my job. I think Primary Goal provide the best support in the whole wide world. I think they’re amazing and anybody who’s got learning difficulties shouldn’t worry about coming to an apprenticeship with us here at Primary Goal.”

Listen to Ravi explain what his first year as an apprentice has been like:

In this latest update, Ravi talkes about nearing the end of his apprenticeship.

We take on apprentices from a wide range of backgrounds and are always happy to discuss individual support needed for any of our roles.

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