What the course entails

A Network Engineer is responsible for initial setup, development and maintenance of computer networks within an organisation, or between organisations.

Network Engineers can deal with both hardware and software issues, which places them in a key position when complications arise. They can be both customer facing or internal, working independently or collaboratively as a team. Depending on how you want to use your apprentice, you can train them to work on-site independently, or in an office environment. Our programme means that your apprentice will focus on real world skills, and application of those skills.

The Primary Goal difference

We take a key role in developing your apprentice, from initial recruitment to finishing the programme. We have developed a bespoke training system, including access to a support desk for technical and pastoral queries, access to their own Work Based Coaches, and access to our partner organisations training material. This is a unique programme that we believe makes a difference to our learner’s development, offering all the support they need to succeed.

Our bespoke curriculum means that your apprentice will receive training on the following modules through the duration of the programme;

  • Introductory Technical Concepts

  • Personal and professional development

  • Learning outcomes for Network +

  • Learning outcomes for Server +

  • Learning outcomes for Security +

  • Learning outcomes for Cloud +

What are the responsibilities?


  • Ensure the apprentice spends at least 20% of their time in off the job training and development during working hours

  • Provide a supportive environment to grow your apprentices

  • Ensure apprentices do not contribute financially to eligible apprenticeship costs.
  • Mentor them and help them succeed!


  • handle the recruitment process free of charge and ensure you get top notch talent.
  • Agree an Individual Learning Plan between ourselves, the employer and the apprentice to monitor performance, ensure progress is being made and make sure that the requirements of the apprenticeship standard are being upheld and fulfilled.

  • Provide the utmost support and provide a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment for the learner.
  • Ensure full compliance with the ESFA funding rules and guidance


  • Ensure that you are completing the apprenticeship to the best of your abilities.
  • Ensure you complete the required 20% off the job training within your working hours
  • Attend the teaching sessions as laid out in the curriculum
  • Succeed!

Where can this apprenticeship take you?

After completion of the programme, you will receive RITTech (Register of IT Technicians) recognition. This opens up many avenues going forwards – common job roles following the completion of the apprenticeship include Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Field-based Engineer, System Engineer and with enough experience you could be Lead Engineer, Network Manager and beyond!



On Programme: 24 Months

End Point Assessment: 3 Months

Funding Band


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