We offer many funding options

Primary Goal is accepted onto the government tender procurement with Local Educational Authorities across the country to ensure we can access funding for locally maintained schools. If you are an LEA school and wish to recruit an apprentice or upskill a member of staff click the button below

Primary Goal is partnered with the regional Combined Authorities across the County and can access funding for small businesses with less than 50 staff. If you are a small business with less than 50 staff on payroll and wish to find out how Primary Goal can support your business and its staff please click below

Levy Gifting

Primary Goal works in partnership with large corporate businesses who gift 25% of their unused levy funding back into local schools and businesses as part of their corporate social responsibility to demonstrate their support of digital poverty, social mobility and sustainability agenda. 

If you are a corporate levy business and would like to gift up to 25% of your levy funding to support the training and development of staff in schools and businesses please click below.