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Historically, schools have invested time and time again in new technology that has the potential to improve teaching and learning, but unfortunately the reality often fails to live up to expectations.

Technology is not easily embedded into the curriculum for numerous reasons, many of which are common across schools:


 • Lack of IT knowledge within the school.

 • Unreliable hardware or software.

 • Poor, or irregular IT support.

 • Lack of training provided.

 • Irregular access to technology.

 • Little experience and low confidence amongst teaching staff.

 • Limited opportunity to learn and practice with new solutions.

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A Teachers Apprentice role is designed to address the barriers outlined above by:


 - Providing on-site technical support 5 days a week, maintaining technology and acting as the link to your remote IT support.

 - Working with teachers to plan the use of devices, then co-delivering these lessons.

 - Preparing technology prior to the lesson and ensuring work is saved post session.

 - Establishing and delivering extra-curricular clubs linked to technology (e.g. coding).

 - Accessing regular training and remote support from Tablet Academy (see Teacher Academy).


A Teachers Apprentice from Primary Goal receives both technical training from your current provider (or our IT provider if you wish to switch), and training from Tablet Academy which covers how to embed the use of technology in the classroom.


The Apprentice can also help with the schools digital marketing through the school website, social media and school newsletters.

What's the process?

  1. First your school will need to identify if their Teachers Apprentice will focus on curriculum support, technical support or, as in most cases, both. Once you've decided to recruit a Teachers Apprentice, our team of Careers Adviser's will identify a number of candidates for you to interview alongside your IT provider (optional).

  2. When a suitable candidate is identified they will spend a day on site working in the school to ensure they are the right person for your school.

  3. Once you are satisfied with your candidate a decision is made as to whether the Apprentice is employed by your school, your IT provider or Primary Goal. This is decided on a case by case basis as it may reduce the costs for the school.

  4. The school provide details around their current use of IT in school and their vision for the future.  This enables the technical partner and Tablet Academy to create a training programme for the Apprentice which is aligned to the schools requirements.

  5. The Apprentice receives initial training prior to starting in the school.

  6. The Apprentice starts in school, working 37 hours per week.

  7. Whilst in post at the school the Apprentice will follow a government approved Apprenticeship programme provided by Microsoft. This may require a small number of days being spent at college.

  8. The contract lasts for 12 -18 months. After this period the school can decide to employ the Apprentice, to end the contract, or to recruit a new Apprentice from Primary Goal.


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Teacher Academy


By recruiting a Teacher Apprentice your school is automatically enrolled on the Teacher Academy programme from Tablet Academy. This programme provides access to regular 'teaching with technology' for the Apprentice and your teaching staff.


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