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The explosion of tablets, cloud computing and one to one devices in the classroom has made the challenge of supporting School IT more diverse and challenging than ever before. This has left many schools wishing they could afford a full time technician and teachers wary of relying on technology in class.


Equally, the lack of IT knowledge, growing demand and reducing budgets in schools is making it increasingly difficult for IT companies to support schools following the traditional model of providing a technician on-site one day a week.


This is where a Teachers Apprentice from Primary Goal can help close the gap.


The Details


 • An Apprentice can be employed by your company, the school or Primary Goal. This is normally decided on a case-by-case basis.

 • As the IT Provider you will have to opportunity to be involved in recruiting candidates alongside the schools.

 • You will have the opportunity to train the Apprentice before they are placed in the school.

 • Tablet Academy will also train the Apprentice. This training will focus on using the schools existing technology more effectively in the classroom.

 • Once in position the Apprentice will act as your point of contact within the school. They will also link to your remote support to solve simple problems within the school.

 • Teachers, along with the Apprentice will have access to regular training from Tablet Academy, and ongoing remote support from teachers at Tablet Academy.

 • The Government Apprenticeship programme is managed by Primary Goal on your behalf.


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