Technology is increasingly shaping the world we live in, and this goes beyond just our personal lives; it’s also drastically changing our professional lives. The digital revolution has opened up countless opportunities, but it has also created a divide between those who are digitally fluent and those who are not. As we march into an increasingly digital future, it’s becoming more and more important that this gap is bridged. 

At Primary Goal, we firmly believe that the future of work lies in narrowing this digital divide. We understand that not everyone aspires to be an IT expert, but we also recognise the importance of understanding the digital space. In today’s job market, digital skills are not just an asset; they’re a necessity. Companies now assume a basic level of IT proficiency, and if you’re not up to speed, you risk standing out for the wrong reasons.   

So, how are we preparing the next generation of digital professionals? Keep reading to find out! 

Becoming a digital professional through an apprenticeship 

Our digital apprenticeship programmes are carefully designed to help you on your way to digital proficiency, no matter which industry you’d like to pursue a career in.  

Whether you’re interested in marketing, design, customer relations, or even project management, a digital apprenticeship equips you with the fundamental skills needed to thrive in these roles.  

Plus, with an apprenticeship, you not only enjoy classroom training to understand the theoretical aspects, but you also benefit from practical, real-world experience whilst getting paid!  

The skills you learn as well as the qualification you walk away from an apprenticeship with, also mean you’ll stand out in a competitive job market. A digital apprenticeship not only equips you with essential skills but makes you highly attractive to potential employers. By completing a structured apprenticeship program, you demonstrate your dedication to learning and adapting to new technologies. Employers not only value the digital skills you can bring to a business but also this forward-thinking attitude, giving you a significant advantage over candidates who lack practical digital experience. 

What if I don’t want to pursue a career in IT? 

Years ago, if you weren’t in a ‘techy’ career, you could get away with not being fluent in technology, however this is no longer the case. Nowadays, companies assume everyone has basic digital skills as these skills are needed in almost every role with the increased digitalisation of information.  

At Primary Goal, we support individuals and businesses with upskilling themselves and their staff through apprenticeships and training programmes that help to give everyone the confidence to navigate the online world, even if you’re not looking to work in a specialised digital field. 

Helping to prepare teachers for the changing digital world 

Teachers are at the forefront of preparing children for the world after education, so it’s really important that they know how to use technology, and how to teach the next generation to use technology safely. At Primary Goal, we’re witnessing a significant shift within the education sector.  

Teachers, who were once solely focused on traditional education, are now transitioning to commercial roles to lead digital transformation. Digital apprenticeships are not just for fresh graduates; they’re also a perfect fit for experienced professionals looking to adapt and stay relevant in this evolving landscape. By embracing a digital apprenticeship, you can seamlessly transition from traditional roles to modern, digitally oriented positions, contributing significantly to the educational sector’s digital transformation. 

Helping teach digital skills that last a lifetime 

The digital skills acquired through a well-structured apprenticeship program are not just for the present (although they’re pretty handy now too!); they are an investment in your future. As technology continues to advance, your digital skills will open doors to various opportunities. Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, start your own venture, or become an industry expert, the skills you gain during your apprenticeship will serve as the foundation for your long-term success. 

At Primary Goal, we are committed to empowering the next generation of digital professionals. Our digital apprenticeship programmes are not just about learning; they are about future-proofing your career and giving you options. The world is only going to become more digital, and by embracing the opportunities presented by a digital apprenticeship, you’re not just keeping up; you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of success. 


Ready to embrace the digital future? Contact us today to find out how we could help you or your business upgrade your digital skillset.

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