As the world evolves, so does the way we teach in classrooms. Technology has become an essential component of modern schooling, and it’s no secret that younger generations are more familiar with technology than their elders. In fact, students today have grown up with technology, whereas many teachers who are 40 years old and over perhaps haven’t.

The technological proficiency gap between students and teachers is a significant issue that must be addressed. The truth is, digital champions know that teachers of 40+ are struggling with tech, and it’s important that we address this issue before it gets worse.

Students teach the teachers

One answer to this issue is for students to teach their teachers. Yep, you got that right! Students can be digital champions, and they can teach their teachers a thing or two about technology. After all, who better to teach teachers about technology than the generation that has grown up with it?

This technique benefits not just teachers, but also pupils. Students gain a sense of responsibility and are better capable of shaping the direction of their own development as a result. It all comes down to motivating the next generation of leaders, from children to teachers.

Keep an open mind

Some teachers are still hesitant to let their students teach them. They may be embarrassed or ashamed that they don’t know as much as their students, or they may be concerned about losing control of the classroom. But there is no reason to worry about this as enabling students to teach their teachers is a team effort that benefits everyone.

Give the students a chance

It’s important to note that students can be effective teachers. They have a unique perspective on technology and are able to communicate complex concepts in a way that their teachers can understand. Students can help their teachers learn how to use different software, apps, and devices, and they can also help their teachers integrate technology into their lesson plans.

Upskilling your staff

If your staff are wanting to be more digitally literate, then consider upskilling your staff. Personal development is a great way to provide your current employees with the latest training and development opportunities. By doing so, you’re improving their skills and knowledge, and in turn, the efficiency and productivity of your business. Supporting your employees with their own goals and personal growth means you’re also creating a more positive and supportive work environment, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and lower staff turnover.

Students teaching teachers is an innovative and effective solution to the problem of tech proficiency in the classroom. It’s about empowering students to take ownership of their education and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Teachers who are open to the idea of having their students teach them will not only improve their own tech skills, but they will also create a more collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

We love upskilling people, and the best part is that Primary Goal can support your organisation to get your training fully funded.

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