With 2024 now well underway, many businesses are contemplating their strategies, goals, and most importantly, the skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. With new technology and more efficient ways of operating constantly being developed, it’s vital that your business looks at continuous professional development (CPD) to help your staff and business keep up.  

Are your teams equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in the next 12 months?  If not,   we at Primary Goal are here to help you to prepare as an organisation and ensure all your staff feel truly supported to achieve their very best performance in their role, every day. 

What will your business look like in 12 months?  

Envisioning the future of your business is an exercise that every business should undertake. What are your goals for the next 12 months, and do you have the right skills and capacity within your team to achieve them?  

If your vision involves digital transformation, expanding market reach, or optimising internal processes, your team’s skill set will play a big role in realising these goals. It’s important to conduct a staff training needs analysis to address any skills gaps required across the business to maximise success. This helps staff to feel supported, confident and well prepared to achieve their goals. Investing in your staff has been proven to retain employees and for them to feel as passionate about your business performance as you do.   

Why do you need to invest in your staff? 

Investing in your staff’s skill development is an investment in the future success of your business and developing your leaders of tomorrow. With technology evolving faster than ever, it’s so important that your team stays ahead of the latest developments in their respective fields. Whether your employees are in marketing, finance, or operations, the need for ongoing learning is universal.  

The importance of digital skills in the workplace 

In an era that is heavily dominated by technology, digital skills are no longer an optional add-on but a necessity for every professional. Does your team have a solid strategy in place for enhancing their digital skills 

Consider the areas of expertise required in your industry—whether it’s data analytics, social media marketing, or coding—and tailor your CPD programmes and opportunities accordingly. 

What does your strategy for digital look like for the next 12 months? 

Crafting a digital strategy is not a one-size-fits-all plan as each business has unique needs. It requires a deep understanding of your business goals, industry trends, and the specific needs of your team.  

Consider conducting a detailed assessment to identify the digital skills gaps within your organisation, and then compare this with your business goals and industry trends. This will help you tailor your CPD goals to address these gaps effectively and ensure that you select the right digital training for your team and business needs.

Do you need to upskill your team? 

Are you contemplating the need to upskill your team in 2024 for the challenges that lie ahead?  Taking a closer look at the existing knowledge gaps within your workforce is the initial but key step in ensuring effective upskilling. These gaps can show up in different ways, such as a lack of proficiency in new technologies, reliance on outdated marketing strategies, or an inadequacy in data analysis capabilities. By directly addressing these identified gaps, you pave the way for targeted and impactful Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes.  

These initiatives are not just about plugging holes either; they are a strategic way to empower your team with the specific skills required not only to navigate the next 12 months successfully but to also allow for your business to grow and adapt. Plus, offering new opportunities to learn is a great way to keep your team happy and invested in their roles. 

Our courses 

At Primary Goal, we provide training programmes for both apprenticeships and non-apprenticeships in digital, social media and ICT areas. We’re proud to be an award-winning independent training provider who puts your business needs and your staff member at the heart of our delivery and customer service.  

Our focus is on providing high-quality education that helps learners keep up with the changing world of technology . With our help, your team can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age.   


Contact us today to find out how we could help you or your business upgrade your digital skillset. 

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