We were delighted to take part in a joint skills-building day with the National Citizenship Service (NCS) recently.  This is first time we’ve joined with the NCS to provide opportunities for young people, and we certainly hope to do it again.

The day was part of the business enterprise section of NCS’s work. 18 fantastic groups of young people from across the East and West Midlands took part. Despite having to do much of this remotely, everyone fully participated.

The challenge that we set the groups was to find a charity partner for Primary Goal. Their task was to find one that would be a good fit for us, we suggested they might like to look at  areas close to our work for example technology in schools, women in technology, or mental health of apprentices.

As well as suggesting a suitable charity partner, the groups were asked so to plan a fundraising event, with a fully costed plan including marketing, and a five minute presentation on their plans for the panel of judges

As part of their enterprise skills-building we were looking for evidence of decision-making, original thinking, problem solving, time management and strategic thinking. We also looked at whether the groups were able to communicate professionally.

“What an amazing day! I was so impressed by the quality of the work from all of the groups. The young people really were amazing.  We had such a difficult decision to make to select a winning team, but we did choose one. We’re now going to take their suggestions away, confirm the selection of our charity partner, and our first fundraising event will be organised using the ideas from the day.

“It’s my absolute passion to help young people build their skills and get the training and experience they need for their future careers and I think today was a brilliant way of doing it.”

— Louise Campton, Managing Director of Primary Goal

Thanks to everyone who took part and made the day so special.

Look out for more future updates here on our charity partner and fundraising events.

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