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I was on the first Teacher's Apprentice traineeship back in August 2016; I spent my summer holidays learning both professional and interpersonal skills from an IT Managed Service Provider that would help me with my school employer that Louise Campton at Primary Goal helped me secure.

I have been on site at Good Shepherd Primary School since September 2016. My day to day activities could range from taking a lesson on Programming, fixing a printer jam, updating iPads, diagnosing MAC/Windows problems, resolving projector issues such as cleaning the filters changing the bulbs and recalibrating them as and when needed, as well as much more.

Jack Hunt

Teacher's Technology Apprentice at
Good Shepherd Primary School, Coventry

Primary Goal's programme has allowed us to quickly scale our business and support our IT programme with ease. They understood the needs of our business and confidently matched the right profiles for us and outlined a complete apprenticeship programme so that we could support our apprentice through their training plan and compliment it with the right type of experience. It's been a great, and very simple, process for us to get involved with, and we're super happy with Primary Goal's approach, and our apprentice, who is doing brilliantly in their role with us

Glen Duncan

Employer at
383Project, Birmingham

Deciding to take the Primary Goal Teachers Apprenticeship has been one of the biggest and best decisions. I had the choice of going to university to do a teaching degree or take this once in a lifetime opportunity. After the 6-week traineeship that Primary Goal conducted, I decided that this apprenticeship would be the best option for me, so that I could earn money, gain experience and learn new skills. I have been at my Primary school now since the start of the school year and I have been doing a range of different tasks that the school has asked me to do. Attending the traineeship before starting the programme meant that I had the skills and confidence to go straight into school. Every day at the school is different and I must adapt to new challenges every day, which is what I enjoy most. At my school, I conduct all IT support throughout the school along with the Help Desk who are there to support me all day. I also teach all the different year groups in both their computing lessons and their subject lessons when they are using technology. I am on site all week and although I am contracted to Primary Goal, I am a member of staff within the school and I am treated as one. I am there to help members of staff make use of the technology in the school and to plan lessons so that they can make use out of all technology they have.

One of the main projects I have been working on is the school's 360° Safe Accreditation. This is an area where the school required improvement for their Ofsted standards. As part of this, I have delivered Online Safety lessons to all year groups and I have delivered Online Safety assemblies to all pupils. I have also produced an Online Safety display which can be viewed by all pupils, staff and visitors to the school. All schools are different so the best thing about Primary Goal is that they can adapt to whatever you and your school may need. If you already have an IT provider, then an apprentice can work alongside this and just help within lessons.

Emily Iles

Teacher's Technology Apprentice at
Parkgate Primary School, Coventry

Since finishing my IT college course, I found it quite difficult to find a suitable apprenticeship programme which suited me and my need to grow within the IT sector. I met Louise Campton, Careers Adviser who offered me a position on the Teacher's Apprentice programme where I secured a position a Sacred Heart Primary School. During August I was placed onto a 6-weeks traineeship where I was taught the IT and teaching sides of the apprenticeship. Throughout the traineeship, I not only made friends with other apprentices but I earned certificates and gained training development which will help me later on in life.

The support that Primary Goal has given to me through this apprenticeship programme has been more than I could ask for. Whenever I was unsure, I was able to contact Primary Goals professional helpdesk team who would walk me through the matter at hand. When providing support to teach a lesson using IT, I could contact Primary Goal and they would suggest a lesson idea or given plans to help me meet the end goal. Overall, I am very pleased with my placement and the support that is given to me throughout the apprenticeship. I hope to continue and further my knowledge with Primary Goal.

Antonis Kousoulas

Teacher's Technology Apprentice at
Sacred Heart Primary School, Coventry

I first heard about Primary Goal through a friend. I joined the Teachers Apprentice programme in August 2016. Throughout the summer holidays, I gained so much knowledge and experience from IT companies and many other businesses which visited us during our training. Thankfully I had already secured myself a position at Manor Park Primary School in Coventry. I officially started Manor Park school in September 2016.

During my time at Manor Park I gained me so much confidence and knowledge. The members of staff there were all so lovely and welcoming I settled down very quickly. After a year I moved from Manor Park and I am now currently work at Sacred Heart Primary School where I take on the same role but in more of an advanced technology school where everything is done digitally. It is a challenge to maintain but I do enjoy being stretched and developed in my role. The role of a Teachers Apprentice varies each day. The general jobs would be things such as resetting email passwords, fixing printers etc. There are other jobs such as trying to get the server back up and running with the help of the managed service provider, contacting companies about different things such as Promethean interactive board, SIMS etc. I was the first person to join Primary Goal who already had a level 3 in ICT. Working at Primary Goal, I have taken on various responsibilities and Louise has taken me to heights I didn't know I could even take myself! I am proud to be a part of Primary Goal and working alongside Louise and the rest of the Primary Goal team. The experience I have had so far has been phenomenal.

Sim Dosanjh

Teacher's Technology Apprentice at
Manor Park Primary School, Coventry

I rejected many other job offers to accept the position with Primary Goal and I must admit, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I developed a very good relationship with Louise from early on and the way she passionately spoke about the business, the future, and her aims I knew that I wanted to be a part of her team and help her achieve her goals. The six-week traineeship in the summer was a fantastic experience where I met the Primary Goal team and other apprentices who applied for the job. I learnt many valuable skills that will help me in life and for that, I am forever grateful.

Once I was fortunate enough to be offered the job at the end of the six-week traineeship, I received very good support from all the staff at Primary Goal who helped make it a smooth transition from school to work. I now work on the Primary Goal Helpdesk providing IT Support to our clients and I love my job. I am a helpful person by trait and helping people on a day-to-day basis is the perfect job role for me. Primary Goal helped me realise this after watching me closely on the six-week traineeship and felt this would be a perfect fit. I settled in very quickly due to the amazing staff at Primary Goal and I swiftly felt like I was an important part of the business. Feeling valued is an amazing feeling and that's something I feel here. Being an apprentice, you might tend to be overlooked, not trusted with things, or ignored. I feel none of those things as I am regularly involved in tasks, I am regularly learning and developing myself under the guidance of the team around me. I would like to thank Louise, Phil, Lauren, Andrew and Joe G for giving me a great opportunity and helping me settle into the world of work! I am very glad to be a part of the exciting and great future that Primary Goal is destined to have!

Joe McDonald

Apprentice at
Primary Goal Helpdesk, Coventry

We have had Emily working as an apprentice with us since September. She has been supporting the school on a technical level with day-to-day issues which arise and teaching the computing curriculum. Her support has been fantastic, and she has resolved issues professionally and promptly. She has learnt many things during the year whilst working at our school so her efficiency and speed has developed with her experience. In regards to teaching, Emily initially took direction off myself in regards to where she could support planning and teaching of the curriculum. She supported using the Rising Stars scheme but went above and beyond by planning and making resources to use with technology. Her pro activity is impressive and extremely beneficial to us as a school.

It has got to the point where Emily is a member of staff we cannot do without in regard to technical support and also curriculum support. She has worked on a number of projects this year, such as delivering internet safety presentations to children and adults, developing our 360-degree Internet Safety accreditation and also supporting me with ongoing CPD for staff. She has also planned further projects such as a Geek Squad which I am sure will be a huge success due to her commitment. The decision to work with Primary Goal, and specifically Emily, is something I am extremely pleased I took!

Patrick Luke

Assistant Deputy Headteacher at
Parkgate Primary School, Coventry

We have been part of Primary Goal since it was first established, and we love the apprenticeship programme, having young IT enthusiasts working in school supporting staff and inspiring children. Having heard about the successes of the mini geek squad in other schools, I have been keen to launch it at Manor Park. We already have a well-established Jobs Board in school which the local careers service has been involved with. The purpose of this initiative is to give children the opportunity to commit to a job in school which will allow them to develop their interests whilst taking responsibility, persevering and helping the school community.

The Mini Geek Squad children will become IT ambassadors acting as 'Mini IT Apprentices' in school. Key tasks will be doing IT maintenance work, learning and demonstrating new apps and keyboard skills to other children, helping staff set up It equipment amongst a range of other jobs. Each term new children will become involved through the jobs board recruitment cycle, following a comprehensive application and interview process. We hope our Mini Geek Squad will further enhance the range of IT experiences children receive in school whilst enabling our apprentices to develop teaching strategies and share in the pleasures of cascading their IT knowledge and skills to our children, equipping them with essential skills for life in an increasingly technological world.

Jill O'Connor

Headteacher at
Manor Park Primary School, Coventry

Woodlands is an all-age broad spectrum special school. Though our new IT Teacher Apprentice, Jack, has only been with us a short time, his impact has already been profound! Though our focus has been Secondary, the benefits are at whole-school level. Here is a flavour of the ways in which we are utilising his expertise: Support of timetabled Computing lessons Workshops for staff on use of various facilities and resources: Immersive Room, assistive technology, assessment scheme, apps etc Support for assemblies and staff training Swift assistance with constant IT "teething problems" (with great efficiency through the use of a log book) Production of new materials - e.g. single-handed creation of a new and much better logo for our Multi-Academy Trust! Weekly updates for our website; investigation of a new framework for our site

In addition, through an enhanced package of support, Jack has "Tablet Academy" behind him. We are learning how huge this resource is: Technical support for Jack Provision of a Science Festival for all special schools in Warwickshire in March Auditing of IT across the school to arrive at powerful new alternatives and improvements - e.g. lease schemes We have been greatly impressed by the infrastructure, efficiency and rigour of Primary Goal.

Iain Paterson

HeadTeacher at
Woodlads School, Coleshill

Louise approached me with the idea of Primary Goal Ltd in August 2015 and has since won the contracts of five Coventry Primary Schools to deliver their Computing Curriculum and pilot the apprenticeship programme. The feedback from the Head Teachers, Governors, teachers and pupils has been outstanding and it is very exciting to be working in partnership with Louise on this business venture.

Louise has a strong background within Training, Careers Education and Leaning so we often utilise her consultancy skills to support with recruitment and training of new and existing staff. Louise has an approachable and friendly manner which makes people feel comfortable and non-intimidated. I would recommend Louise to any school / academy or employer who wants to implement change and improvement.


Technology company based in

Our Teachers apprentice (Matt) has had a dramatic and valuable impact on the daily running of the school. He ensures that the equipment is being looked after and properly maintained and supports the teaching staff to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. We recently received a recommendation of good practice from a Governor Walk which was due to Matt's success in his role. After the apprenticeship programme we did not hesitate to offer a Matt a role on the Teaching staff.

Rob Fletcher

HeadTeacher at
Fordbridge Community Primary School, Birmingham

Jack is supportive, he has a good knowledge of computer software and hardware. He always trys his best to fix the problems especially with my I pad. Jack is obliging, he never said "I can't fix it or I can't help you". He has good IT skills

Katarzyna Szczucka Wolczyk

Staff member at
Good Shepherd Primary School, Coventry

Our Teacher's Apprentice Jack is always very approachable, very willing and has always been a great help to myself in the classroom. Whenever I have needed help, he has always been very punctual at resolving any IT issues, he is valued member of our team

Elizabeth Evans

Staff member at
Good Shepherd Primary School, Coventry

Our Teacher's Apprentice Jack is always quick to respond to a request and goes out of his way to feedback and tell me where I am going wrong using my iPad. He has shown me quicker ways using of using the whiteboard in class and using it to enhance the children's learning

Samantha Morrissey

Staff member at
Good Shepherd Primary School, Coventry

It has been incredibly helpful having a Teacher's Apprentice on site to help with any ICT issues and Anya is amazing with a can-do attitude and approach to learning. I call on Anya countless times and she is always approachable and patient when showing staff how to use technology more confidently. Anya has stepped in to help with the delivery of assemblies and set up any new equipment as well as helping with programming in the classroom and running the Mini Geek Squad.

Andrea Ball

Staff member at
Stivichall Primary School

Anya has been an enormous help over the past year and made a noticeable difference in school. She has helped in many ways from small ICT problems that get in your way of teaching e.g. printer problems, Ipad apps, children not being able to access purple mash etc at home properly the list goes on, she has definitely helped teachers stress levels as she is always there to help and can normally solve the problem! Before Anya we sometimes had to wait a whole week or more before our IT technician could pick up the problem which was a lot of time wasted and caused a lot of stress!

Last year I had a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 children, the children needed to be taught a separate programming curriculum. Without Anya this would have been really difficult. It was so helpful that Anya could take the one year group while I focused on the other. She has also been really useful in my computing lessons where it has been great to have an 'expert' at hand especially with the programming side where I feel less confident at teaching it.

Rachel Baynes

Staff member at
Stivichall Primary School

Anya has settled in well to the team at Stivichall in her first term. She is enthusiastic and has brought in many new ideas for provision in IT across all key stages. She works excellently independently, and is equally at home working alongside colleagues. She has taken responsibility for providing and running an IT club after school, which is very successful at present. She has also been working with class teachers to deliver lessons in the classroom environment which are having real impact. As Lead for IT & Computing I view her as a real asset for our school.

Mr Carless

IT lead and Teacher at
Stivichall Primary School

The Romero Academy schools have really benefited from our partnership with Primary Goal in the past two years. The apprentices have been of a very high quality and receive excellent training from Primary Goal, supported by their academic and IT support partners. The wider school and academy group have seen a real impact on the digital transformation as a result of the digital partnerships offered by Primary Goal, helping to build a robust and cohesive plan for the future.

Patrick Taggart

Academy Business Director of
Romero Academy